The old adage that failing to plan is planning to fail is particularly relevant to the design and installation of a commercial & industrial solar generation assets. With over thirty energy retailers, countless Tarif structures and a constantly shifting landscape the Australian retail energy market requires careful evaluation by experienced and well trained personal. Ensuring that a site is thoroughly evaluated involves a methodical five step process:

  • Site evaluation
  • Bill evaluation
  • Detailed meter analysis using reputable software
  • System design
  • Deployment

Genevo has a depth of experiences using both Homer Pro™ and Homer Grid™ , which is the industry standard for comprehensive energy analysis tool for micro-grid and grid connected renewable energy systems. Genevo has built a comprehensive retail energy Tarif library which is required to utilise the Homer softwares intelligent optimisation tools. Ideally suited to large grid connected commercial sites such as education campus and shopping centres, Homer Grid provides highly comprehensive financial outcomes for solar + energy storage investment evaluation. Homer Pro was specifically designed for large micro-grid settings such as mining sites where hybrid generation assets can be modelled.