Thai Bank Invests in Industrial Solar

TMB Bank has released the largest green sector loan in Thailand to date. Image at this link.

More and more often we are seeing the financial sector increase investment (and lending capacity) for green initiatives. The latest noteworthy industrial solar finance has just been initiated in Thailand, with Constant Energy Group securing USD$50M in loan agreements to support renewable energy initiatives across a range of projects.

The example above are of the 1MW solar array attached to the Hana Semiconductor in Ayutthaya, Thailand – also installed and managed by the Constant Group there.

Industrial solar investments like this are becoming more and more common: although 1MW seems like an incredible amount, if you consider the energy (mostly daylight hour use) that a shopping centre, school, office or factory building requires, it doesn’t seem all that farfetched. In fact, at Genevo we have already begun scoping on projects of this size in the past year or two: the real question is going to be who is the first of our valued clients to execute.

The fact that big banks both domestically and internationally are supporting our specialised category gives us even more confidence in the way we’ve structured our organisation and serviced our clients. We’re moving forward regardless of some of the macroeconomic factors we can’t control because we’re equally impressed by the potential and current actualised results we’re acheiving with our partners: but the fact that we are finding international encouragement helps us hold our line.

If you’re interested in seeing what Genevo Renewables could deliver for your rural, commercial or industry organisation, talk to us and we can provide a detailed energy analysis that allows you see the impact solar can have on your bottom line.