Industrial Rooftop Solar Project SA

Image via SMH article: Read the original publication here.

The benefits of industrial-scale solar are wide-reaching. We’re happy to see in South Australia the forward-thinking approach to realise the potential of large industrial rooftop solar.

In Southern Queensland and Northern NSW, we have been fortunate to have been trusted with industrial solar installs across a wide range of industry verticals. For businesses that operate largely during daylight hours, with significant sunlight exposure, it can be an easy decision to invest in a piece of renewable energy technology that not only reduces reliance on the ever-increasing cost of mainstream fossil fuels (and the environmental impact this can have), but typically we find it can simply make good commercial sense. Our approach to commercial solar is centralised around minimising operation costs for businesses that are looking to grow – and this might mean some unorthodox means of freeing up working capital in the future.

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