EV Charger Installation

Genevo Renewables have a considerable depth of experience in EV charging technology design and installation for residential and commercial sites. Our team of qualified electricians and engineers provide ongoing design and installation services to a number of  national EV charger retailers and manufacturers and can provide competitive pricing for direct supply and/or installation of your new EV charger investment.

Having worked with and installed many of Australia’s leading EV charger retailers and manufacturers has given our team a valuable insight into the capabilities and build quality of each offering and can recommend a suitable solution based on your requirements.

Commercial charger grant opportunity

Do you own a tourist destination within regional NSW? You may be eligible for up to 75% of the cost of an EV charger and installation (up to 75%) in the NSW governments Destination Charging Grant. With the growing number of EV’s entering the market having an EV charger at your destination is a great opportunity to capture a wider audience and generate charging revenue.

Genevo Renewables are approved installers for this program and can assist you with your grant application.

Types of EV chargers

Level 1

Suitable for domestic single phase 10-15 Amp dedicated power circuit. These are the slowest chargers and will typically add between 10 & 20km of range per hour of charge time. 

Level 2

Are dedicated AC circuit chargers up to 22kW (32Amp, 3 Phase). This type of charger are ideal for faster charging in domestic, apartment complexes or commercial buildings and will add around 40 – 100kw of range per hour of charge time. Level 2 chargers can be expected to fully charge most electric vehicles in an overnight or full day charge.

Level 3

Level 3 chargers are dedicated DC fast chargers ranging from 25kW to 350kW (40 -500 Amp, three phase). These chargers require more substantial electrical infrastructure than most residential dwellings and are usually found in commercial road side locations. These chargers offer significantly faster charging times ranging from 150km range per hour of charge or a full vehicle charge on 10 – 15 minutes.