Your Company’s Energy Analysis is Overdue.

270 Acres for Disney: Industrial Solar = Fun. Picture via Disney.

At Genevo, our project managers are often dealing with clients and partners who want to understand in a succinct and clear manner whether or not a commercial or industrial scale solar solution would make sense for them. Often, in a relatively simple manner, we can rule out some businesses: they may have their vast majority of energy consumption at night, or their premises are located under the significant shadow of a much taller neighbour. Those conversations are disappointing for both parties, but not as disappointing as investing in a significant rooftop array only to be still paying rising energy costs via traditional means. Battery storage is very effective, but can also be cost-prohibitive depending on the environment one’s organisation exists in or on.

We’ve been cold-called ourselves by tenacious salesmen with targets to meet each month or quarter. On the whole, they’re largely good people with good intentions, but often, they’ve got just enough experience and knowledge to be dangerous. The impact on an individual for a misinformed investment in solar can be significant. For a business or government department, with multiple peoples’ livelihoods to care for and protect, a poor decision without the correct information and tools can border on catastrophic. The snake-oil-remedy to power bills has left a  bad taste in our mouth on more than one occasion when a client shows us a collection of so-called projections on the back of an envelope. It’s not good for them, and it’s not good for our industry. We tend to find that the skeptics are close-minded to the opportunity, whereas those businesses that bother to do the due dilligence are the ones that end up with the wins in the long run. Sure, it’s shaped like a cartoon mouse, but Disney hasn’t created a 270-acre solar farm to power their operations for the fun of it. As a marketing exercise, it would prove an incredibly inefficient means of reach a percentage of travellers on a singe flight-path over their land. These decisions are made by fastidious bean-counters, who understand the fiscal sense in investing in industrial-scale solar for their specific business.

At Genevo, we’ve been searching for an empirical, objective and non-biased approach to providing detailed analysis that focuses on solar outcomes for our commercial clients.  This is why we’ve partnered with a company with over 25 years experience in providing detailed analysis on projects just like those we regularly deliver for clients.

HOMER is a key technology partner of Genevo Renewables here in Australia: started by Dr. Peter Lilienthal, Senior Economist for the US Dept. of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Lab, HOMER is the global industry-leading authority on energy analysis for commercial and industrial solar solutions. Bringing HOMER to Australia eliminates the need sales pitches and financial outcomes based on “hope”: we are able to deliver a truly agnostic, empirical analysis based on your energy requirements now and into the future. We’d encourage you to read more about HOMER at the URL below, and simply talk to us if you’re considering ways to make your own operations more efficient.

As business owners ourselves, we know how important is to the make the right investment decisions: and that can only be done with full and correct information.