Land Owners


Genevo are currently investigating and conducting due diligence on a number of potentially suitable solar farm sites in NSW and Queensland. We continue to seek suitable sites to develop large scale solar farms across Australia. We encourage land owners of allotments greater than 100 acres (40 ha) with proximity to high voltage electrical transmission lines or substations to make contact with us, to informally discuss the potential of developing a solar farm asset on your property. A solar farm lease can potentially unlock long term income without all the hard work and financial risks associated with farming.


Leasing land for the development of a solar farm can provide land owners with 20-30 years of guaranteed annual income with no upfront investment or ongoing farming costs. Leasing your land for the development of a solar farm may be an ideal way to secure longterm farming incomes.


Genevo will carry out an initial assessment to determine land suitability, this process will involve potential flood, environmental, social and cultural impacts. Further to this, electricity network capacity is also an integral factor, Genevo continues to liaise with state transmission & distribution networks in regards to network capacity along transmission routes.


After Genevo has conducted initial land suitability assessment, formal negotiations regarding leasing fees, periods and conditions can commence. Upon lease term agreement, Genevo will begin the planning approval process with relevant local, state & federal bodies. Network connection approval will also occur during this planning phase. The planning phase requires Genevo to undertake considerable assessment criteria and will usually take in excess of 12 months. Landholders will be free to to utilise the land for their own purposes during this period. Genevo works informatively with landholders during this process, keeping them abreast of planning developments as they arise. Upon determination and final approval of the farm, the construction phase can then commence. Having been consistently informed during the planning process, landholders will be aware of the scope and nature of works. Genevo continues to consult landowners during the construction period to ensure that minimal disruption is caused by the works taking place. Large solar PV farms will be constructed in stages getting smaller portions of the solar farm online