Embedded Solar

Embedded solar PV Networks

Embedded solar PV networks are simply solar PV systems that are integrated into strata or unit building infrastructure to deliver energy savings to owners & tenants within the complex. An embedded solar PV network can also offer ongoing income streams for building owners and managers. Like any behind the meter solar asset, an Embedded solar PV networks effectively arbitrages the large savings gap between the high cost of grid supplied energy with the lower cost of solar generated energy. Embedded solar PV networks are ideally suited to multitenanted complexes such as shopping centres, apartment buildings and retirement villages.


Property developers who build and sell; or build, retain and manage, can benefit from an embedded network in a number of ways;

  • For those developers who construct and on-sell, an embedded solar network can provide a point of difference to other development as it will provide an ongoing savings to new owners or an income stream to the owners corporation, reducing building management fees for owners.
  • Income streams from solar PV networks can be directed towards ongoing building maintenance or unforeseen costs.
  • For onsite managers, an embedded solar PV network can offer a reliable income stream in addition to management fees, that benefits owners and tenants through energy saving

Benefits for end users

Ownership of an embedded solar PV network by the unit shareholders can not only offer substantial energy savings but provide an ongoing hedge against rising energy costs. Genevo have a wealth of experience with embedded solar PV networks and will asses your complex, guiding all stakeholders towards the most appropriate and low risk scenario for your needs.

Embedded solar PV networks can offer substantial advantage for the following settings;

  • Apartment buildings
  • Retirement villages
  • Gated residential communities
  • Shopping centres
  • Commercial towers
  • Business parks